How To Use

Sprinkle the fibers from about 5 cms above the desired area. Bend your head so that the application is vertical. Pause and check in between. Do not worry if some of the fibers stray outside the desired area, or on your hands or clothes. You can easily dust them off once the application is over.

Gently tap the bottle for smooth dispensing. While applying on the frontal areas, protect your eyes by using your hands to cover them.

Once the fibers are sprinkled, gently ruffle with your hands to let the fibers settle and cover untouched areas. You may also use a brush to comb your hair gently and achieve the desired look.

While using the Settle spray, keep a distance of about 10 cms from your head. Do not comb after applying the spray.

Use Rinse to wash away the fibers and get the original hairdo back. Rinse is a gentle nourishing shampoo that can be used daily.